Do You Still Call Mom When You Get Sick? Survey Says You Might

I have to say, most of the time I still do. I'll look for advice all the time. In fairness, my Mom WAS a nurse, but still it's a comfort!

Anyway......According to a new survey, 12% of adults say when they get sick, they still CALL THEIR MOM for comfort, advice, or both.

61% of people say they take over-the-counter drugs . . . 44% go to a doctor . . . and 19% just ignore the illness and hope it goes away. (People could give more than one answer.)

The survey also found the top five things we do to try to avoid getting sick during flu season are:

Drinking more fluids . . . taking supplements like vitamin C . . . getting more sleep . . . staying home as much as possible . . . and trying to touch our face, mouth, and nose as little as possible. 

And yes, that's me pictured below. I actually, literally, turn into a baby when I'm sick!

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