<SIGH> Another Winter Storm Warning, This One For The Entire Twin Cities

Ugh, here we go again. I love winter and this is even getting old with me.

The last blasts of snow they've predicted modestly and been wrong. This time they're predicting pretty significant, maybe they'll be wrong again?

"The February snowfall record in the Twin Cities will likely be blown away by the time dinner is served on Wednesday as an incoming snowstorm is set to dump upwards of a half a foot of snow on the metro area and nearly the entire southern half of Minnesota. 
The monthly record is 26.5 inches at MSP Airport, and we're only about four inches shy of it. It's going to snow at least that much, and probably plenty more with this next storm."

Get the full story and snowfall predictions here!

Massive Snowstorm Brings Up To Foot Of Snow To Large Swath Of Northeast


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