Nature Getaway Lets You Sleep in a Bubble In the Woods

A hotel lets you sleep in a bubble in the middle of the woods.

Bubble dubbed itself a "5 million star hotel" because guests are literally sleeping under the stars among the flora and fauna in Iceland. The Bubble has a summer and winter tour with different activities, like a visit to a black sand beach, gorgeous waterfalls, a secret lagoon, and other beautiful sightseeing (and very Instagrammable) locations after being picked up from Reykjavik.

There are 6 bubbles, and each one sleeps up to two people. Guests go on a day-long excursion and stay one night in the bubble.

They say privacy is not an issue with the Bubble - all you do is turn off the light. It stays warm in the winter, and no one gets a "better Bubble" than anyone else in the tour group, as each Bubble is the same.

Learn more about the Bubble tour here.

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