NASA Wants to Hire Funny Astronauts to Avoid Boring Trips to Mars

NASA is looking to hire astronauts with a sense of humor to prevent trips to Mars from being boring.

According to the Daily Mail, maintaining high morale is a major focus of NASA's for a two-year trip to Mars that could happen in the 2030s.

Jeffrey Johnson, a professor from the University of Floria, Gainesville, addressed ways a team of astronauts can cope with "extreme periods of isolation," i.e. a trip to Mars, saying that "Groups work best when they have somebody who takes on the role of class clown."

"These are people that have the ability to pull everyone together, bridge gaps when tensions appear and really boost morale," he said.

Johnson pointed out that tensions can rise when a group of people live in a confined space for prolonged periods of time, and how important it is to have someone in the group that can help everyone get along.

NASA is looking for scientists that are the total package, however. Not only do they have to be funny, but they also must be "an excellent scientist and engineer and be able to pass a rigorous training regime."

Photo: Getty Images


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