Five Photos Literally Everyone Takes at Ice Castles in Excelsior, MN

Literally everyone takes these five photos at Ice Castles in Excelsior, Minnesota, but I'm not complaining because I totally took them, too.

I hit up Ice Castles MN over President's Day weekend. This was my second year at Ice Castles (I remember it being MUCH colder last year) and I decided to add dinner into the evening, too. My friend Mary and I ate at Olive's Fresh Pizza Bar on Water Street, which had the BEST Caprese pizza ever. We finished up the whole thing! Cute atmosphere, too.

When you go to Ice Castles, literally every moment is an Instagramable one. I don't usually take these "basic" Instagram influencer-type modeling posts, so my basicness is multiplied. But hey, no shame because I got some pretty great photos...that literally everyone else takes, too.

The Throne Photo

This one makes everyone feel extra special, especially when you finally get up there because literally every family is trying to cut each other in line.

Photo Op with the Fire Dancers

I didn't even shake their hands or see their show, but I had to grab a pic with these gentlemen because it was the right thing to do.

The Flash Photo

Yea there are pretty colors lighting up the ice, but sometimes photos just look better with the flash. Just remember to turn it off when you get to the rainbow selfie wall...

Silhouette on the Rainbow Selfie Wall

The lights change pretty quickly between different designs, but the rainbow backdrop is a MUST for your IG profile.

Picture with a Snow Mound

These mounds are weird, but everyone loves them and takes pictures with them. Some people give them hugs. Why not?

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