Three Ways to Booze Up Your McDonald's Shamrock Shake


Shamrock Shakes are back in season, and here are three ways to turn this innocent drink into an adults-only one.

Add as much or as little of any of these to your McDonald's Shamrock Shake. I'm not a bartender, so I don't have a recipe - just keep adding booze and taste test it until it's to your liking. That's what I'd do!

Mint-Flavored Vodka

Choose any mint-flavored vodka you like, but I liked the packaging on this bottle of Batch 206 Mad Mint Vodka. It has "natural peppermint flavors" and is "reminiscent of mint chocolate chip ice cream with spearmint aromas." Sounds incredible to me! I'm sure you can find it at other places but Total Wine & More in Burnsville has it in stock.

Creme De Menthe

An obvious choice, and one that's cheap. Since the Shamrock Shake is already colored, opt for the clear version. If you don't already have Creme De Menthe hidden away in your pantry, you can pick it up at just about any liquor store. (Photo: Total Wine & More)

Bailey's Salted Caramel

I have no idea how a mint flavored shake mixed with salted caramel is going to taste, but I have a feeling it's probably not terrible. The goal here is to be adventurous, and instead of telling you to put regular Bailey's Irish Cream in your Shamrock Shake, I thought I'd give you another suggestion that you would have never thought of. (Photo: Total Wine & More)


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