You Can Now Play 100+ Vintage Arcade Games at the Minnesota Science Museum

The Minnesota Science Museum will become Minnesota's biggest arcade over the next few months as it becomes home to a video game exhibit.

Game Changers will take over the Great Hall on Level 4 of the St. Paul museum, taking visitors through the history of innovation within the gaming industry.

This will include features exploring the designs behind world famous games likeSpace Invaders, Sonic the Hedgehog, andSim City.

But the best part of the exhibit is the fact there's 100 playable video games in the Great Hall.

These will include a selection of 20 original classic arcade games likeAsteroidsandPac-Man, retro favorites includingStreets of Rage,Sonic The Hedgehog andDiablo,alongwith more recent hits likeAngry Birds, Rock Band 3, Fruit Ninja, andMinecraft.

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