New Study Shows Older Brothers Actually Are The Worst Bullies To Siblings

If you grew up being terrorised by an older brother, you are not alone.

Big brothers really are the biggest bullies, particularly for those in larger families.

A study has found when it comes to sibling name-calling, teasing and other types of mean behaviour, older boys tend to be the perpetrators.

Girls are more likely to be targeted by their siblings, especially if they are the babies of the family. 

Psychologists at the University of Warwick tracked the family dynamics of 6,838 British siblings up until the age 12.

They found firstborn children and older brothers are the most likely to pick on others in their family, and jealousy about having to share may be the reason why.

Dr Dieter Wolke, who led the study from the psychology department at the university, told the Daily Mail: ‘A firstborn child gets 100 per cent of parents’ attention, toys and playtime but that gets cut to 50 per cent when a second child is born, and it falls even further when more children come along.

‘So siblings turn into bullies because they are competing for attention or they are frustrated someone else is taking their parents away.

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