Mollie's Music Take: Add These 3 New Avril Lavigne Songs to Your Playlist

These three songs from Avril Lavigne's new album 'Head Above Water' need to be added to your playlist ASAP.

I've been an Avril fan since "Complicated," and even though I like her earlier music better (I say this about most artists, even Lady Gaga, who is my all-time favorite artist), these three songs are my faves from her new album. Take a listen below and tell me what you think! Which one do you love most? Tweet me @mollieonair!

1. "Goddess"

Every woman wants to be with a partner that makes her feel like a goddess. If you're a sucker for lovey dovey songs like I am, then you'll love this song.

2. "Tell Me It's Over"

This track's been out for a while now in anticipation of the album release, so I really hope this is already on your playlist. But Avril has a bit of a retro vibe on this song and it's a great showcase of her vocal range & emotion. Loves it.

3. "Bigger Wow"

I turned my laptop volume all the way up for this song because it's just so fun. Enjoy!

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