MOA Restaurant Will Give You Free Wings on Valentine's Day if You Do This

This Mall of America restaurant will give you free wings if you do something incredibly petty on Valentine's Day.

Hooters, which has one location in the Twin Cities at MOA, has a sweet deal for anyone that will destroy a picture of their ex. If you do this, you'll get 10 free boneless wings with the purchase of any 10 wings.

The restaurant has several suggestions on how to destroy the photo of your ex with a Shred Your Ex quiz online, and this is actually where you get the coupon for these free wings.

I took the four question quiz, and Hooters says that I should "bury it." If I had to actually do this at the restaurant, I'd for sure have to get pretty creative with it. If I buried a photo of my ex at Hooters, I feel like I have only two choices: bury it in buffalo sauce, or shove it down my bra. Hmm...I'll go with the sauce.

Other suggestions are to dart it, burn it, or shred it. Take the quiz, upload your ex's photo, and watch it burn or get buried, shredded, or stabbed with darts like a fragile little voodoo doll.

Photo: Getty Images

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