Minnesotans Experience 'Nightmare' After They're Left Stranded in Cancun

Sun Country passengers trying to get back to Minnesota experienced a "24 hour nightmare" in Cancun, Mexico.

Fox 9 reports angry passenger Jess Kubis' details of the experience, which Kubis described as "24 hours of a nightmare."

Kubis says hundreds of passengers scheduled to fly back to Minnesota from Cancun with Sun Country were left in a room at the Cancun airport for hours without any idea as to what was going on after a mechanical issue caused delays.

After nearly five hours of being in the room allegedly without food, beverage, or phone chargers, the passengers were told they'd fly out the next day and were shuttled off to a hotel.

Sun Country reportedly paid for the passengers' hotel stays and provided a $200 voucher, plus say they plan on reimbursing them for their cancelled flight home. A spokeswoman for the airline told Fox 9, "The required part was flown in and the repair was made to the aircraft this morning .While we never want to delay a flight, the safety of our passengers and our crew is always our number one priority."

Kubis says they will never fly Sun Country again and won't use the voucher. Uhh...thanks Kubis, I'll take it and pray my flight doesn't get cancelled! We've all experienced travel nightmares before but hey, at least everyone made it home for free.

Photo: Getty Images

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