Is This Pizza Company Is Recycling Uneaten Pizza?! Theory Says Yes!

So, apparently, there's a conspiracy theory that, for years, Chuck E. Cheese's has been recycling uneaten pizza.......yeah, I know, I went there a BUNCH as a kid too. Mostly based on the shape of their pizzas. They aren't perfect circles. There are even times where a half of a pepperoni is cut but doesn't match up with the slice next to it.

NOW, in fairness, first off Chuck & crew say this is "unequivocally false". Also, the YouTuber, Shane Dawson, set out to DISPROVE this conspiracy, but actually left believing it more! If this is true, it's really really gross and I'd say it's possible it could even take down the mousey pizza playland.

Check out this video where he does his investigating. It's really long, so I forwarded to the area where things get real, might want to back up a bit a watch more, but it's bookmarked.

If you want to find out more about this story, CLICK HERE

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