Porch Pirate Steals 14-Year-Olds $40,000 Cancer Medication

A Nevada porch pirate nonchalantly stole a package containing a young cancer patient's life-saving chemotherapy medicine in Las Vegas , on Thursday.

14-year-old Gage Haynes has been fighting system mastocytosis - a rare cancer found when mast cells gather in the body's tissue - since he was six-months old.

But his health has now been left in jeopardy after an opportunistic porch pirate stole a batch of pills the teen needs to take every day to keep his cancer at bay.

The family have now launched an urgent appeal to find the culprit, after Gage's mother, Stacey Shavinski, reveals she paid $40,000 for the medicine with the help of financial assistance.

Stacey says she was forced to pay for the pills, called Ryedapt, out of her own pocket because they aren't FDA approved for anyone under 18.

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