Where to Get a 5-Tier Wedding Cake Made Entirely Out of Cheese in Minnesota

You can now get a five-tier cake made entirely out of cheese for your big day.

It was love at first sight for me when I saw a photo of this cake - when I get married someday, this is the cake I want and I don't care that it costs over $400.

According to Simplemost , Costco is selling five-tier, 24 lb cakes made of cheese that serve 105 to 150 people. Called the Cheese Lover Celebration Cake, it's made of various cheeses from around the world and is meant to take the place of centerpieces, cheeseboards, or an actual wedding cake.

The cake comes with disassembled wheels of eight pounds of Red Leicester, seven pounds of Danish Blue, five pounds of Murica al Vino, three pounds of Tuscan Sheep's Cheese, and 17 ounces of Brillat Savarin Triple Cream Brie. Wheels should stay refrigerated until they're ready to be displayed; unwrap, stack, decorate, and enjoy!

Order the cake by Sid Wainer & Son from Costco here .

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