You Won't Even Recognize This Kitty Found Frozen in a Snowbank

A cat was rushed to the emergency vet after being found frozen to hard ice in a snowbank.

The cat, whose name is Fluffy, was living outdoors her whole life. When her now-owners move to their new home in Montana a few years ago, they kept her around, according to reports .

Last week, Fluffy's world turned upside down when she was found frozen and unresponsive in a snowbank nearby. Her owners rushed her to the vet, where she was warmed up with blow dryers and blankets.

Dr. Jevon Clark said her temperature was less than 90 when she arrived, but within an hour Fluffy began to act like a cat again. That's incredible seeing as, well, her fur was clearly matted up with ice and snowballs.

Once the ice and snow cleared away, she was taken to the emergency vet and was discharged later that night.

Fluffy's owners will be keeping her inside for now, but Dr. Clark expects she'll want to return outdoors eventually. Clark also says the kitty likely survived because she's young, larger, and is used to living outdoors but believes she endured some sort of trauma that kept her from retreating to her regular hiding places and ended up frozen in the snowbank.

Photo: Animal Clinic of Kalispell via Facebook

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