Mollie's Must-Haves: The Cutest Valentine's Day Pet Collars and Bow Ties

Dress up your dapper pet for Valentine's Day in these sweet collars and bow ties.

I love getting into the spirit of just about any holiday, and I especially love that there are products out there to help me get my chihuahua, Jaq Jaq, into the spirit too. Collars, bow ties, and flowers are an easy way to do that!

I found these collars from Made By Cleo online and absolutely love them. They're made for cats, kittens, and small dogs like Jaq Jaq, who has to wear something small like a kitten collar. (Nothing else fits!) I like that these collars come in different colors that could fit for both boys and girls, so I'm sharing this collar with the blue cupcake bow tie because I think it's pretty unisex plus the pink bow tie which is just as adorable.

There are a bunch of others from Made By Cleo's Valentine's Day collection for you to take a look at, and they even have a 30% off deal for Valentine's Day items right now with the code VDAY30. See them here .

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