Police Arrest Serial Killer; Find Next Victim Alive, Tied Up in Apartment

Canadian serial killer Bruce McArthur, 67, pleaded guilty last week to murdering eight men in Toronto and is now awaiting sentencing.

McArthur, who worked as an independent landscaper, hid his victims' remains in large planters on a property he used for storage.

He was arrested after a string of deaths and disappearances from Toronto's gay village, which left residents frightened that police were not taking enough action against someone they thought was targeting the community.

During the convicted killer's sentencing hearing, numerous disturbing details of his crimes were revealed by Crown attorney Michael Cantlon.

According to Cantlon, McArthur was arrested during an encounter with someone who could have become his ninth victim.

A man identified only as "John" went to McArthur's home on Jan. 18, 2018, where he was handcuffed to the bed and had a black bag placed over his head, Cantlon said. When John managed to get the bag off, McArthur tried to tape his mouth shut.

It was at that moment police knocked on the door, Cantlon said, according to the BBC .

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