Mollie's Must-Haves: Put Your Face on Your Man's Boxers For Valentine's Day

If you and your significant other have a sense of humor, he'll LOVE these boxers with your face on them (and you'll get a good laugh).

Yes Custom has a zillion products you can put your face on, but this is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your man that'll make him go, "WTF?" and smile at the same time. He'll love seeing your face on these boxers and uh, it's Valentine's Day so he has to try them on even if he hates this gift.

There are women's briefs like this, too, so you can put HIS face on them (or Jason Momoa or Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling). I'd probably put my chihuahua Jaq Jaq's face on mine!

Find these Custom Face Galaxy Men's Boxer Briefs (pictured) here , and check out these cute Custom Face Lipstick Women's High-cut Briefs here (they're SUPER cute)!

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