Doing This One Thing Will Keep Your Car From Getting TOWED in Minneapolis

Doing this one simple thing will save you money and keep your car from getting towed in Minneapolis.

Until I moved to Minnesota a little over a year ago, I had never heard of a three-day "snow emergency." But where I live, street parking is the only I have to pay attention. I didn't know how to tell when there'd be a snow emergency. With previous emergencies, I never got any notifications. Or, when it would snow a few inches but there was no snow emergency declared, I'd be worried my car would get towed.

Snowbird tickets, which are given to those who don't move their car for snow removal, are classified as a petty misdemeanor and can cost you $42 including surcharges (if this is your only charge) in the city, according to . A standard tow charge from the City of Minneapolis is $138, and daily storage costs $18 per day (so don't park your car on the street in the winter if you plan on leaving town). Yikes!

But the City of Minneapolis has a great app that tells you when there's a snow emergency, where to park during a snow emergency (different sides of the street each of the three days, and different streets - it's so complicated), and what the parking rules are. You can also sign up for alerts through the app, learn about sidewalk shoveling regulations, and use the app in a variety of different languages.

Minneapolis residents, I know you're laughing at me but...think about braving the snow to drive into Minneapolis proper where street parking is the only option. Maybe you're going to work, running important errands, or visiting friends and family who do not have off street parking available to guests. Do you usually pay attention to snow emergencies if you usually never have to? Probably not. Or think about everyone from out of town or people who are not as familiar with the area that come and visit their friends and family. They have absolutely NO idea what a snow emergency is or to even look for this app! Make sure they stay informed. :)

Just look up "Minneapolis snow emergency" in the App Store or Google Play to get it. You'll be glad you have it on your phone!

Photos: Getty Images; Screenshot of the Minneapolis Snow Emergency app for iOS

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