Woman Gets Unexpected Nose Job from Doctor Who Wanted to "Do Her a Favor"

A woman who sought out liposuction in Peru after being bullied for her weight has recalled the horror of waking up and realizing the plastic surgeon had given her nose job as well.   

Mariela, 41, revealing the doctor claimed he had done her a 'favor' after he surgically altered her nose without her consent when she was just 19 years old. 

'I went in for liposuction, and I woke up with a new nose. This is what I'm left with,' she says of her severely damaged nasal passages. 

However, the routine surgery turned into a nightmare when Mariela woke up and realized that he had performed an unauthorized rhinoplasty as well.  

'When I woke up, I had a cast over my nose,' she recalls. 'Right after the surgery, I saw the doctor and he said he did it as a "favor."

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