Mollie's Must-Haves: Delicious Nuts Hand-Roasted in Minnesota

If you're looking for the perfect wedding favor or gift box, this is it.

Isadore Nut Company is the local secret you need to know about for the foodies in your life. I tried their Chocolate Mint Crunch Pecans and I loved them SO MUCH that I actually had to hide the bag from myself so I wouldn't eat them all in one sitting!

Isadore Nut Company has a variety of flavors, including the ones in the party pack I hooked you up with on the air today: Lemon, Cayenne, Chocolate Mint, and Turmeric.

Because I really want you to try these nuts, Isadore Nut Company is offering an exclusive discount for Cities 97.1 listeners and fans of Mollie's Must-Haves on Hunter & Mollie in the Morning. Use the coupon code "NutsFor97.1" at checkout to get a 30% discount on your order!

Learn more and get your locally hand-roasted walnuts, pecans, and cashews HERE .

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