Jayme Closs Suspect During Hearing: "I love you"

The suspect in the Jayme Closs case had his second court appearance today.

Jake Patterson, 21, is accused of kidnapping 13-year-old Jayme Closs and killing her parents, James and Denise, on October 15. Jayme escaped the cabin where Patterson kept her hidden away for 88 days on January 10.

The proceeding lasted less than five minutes and waived his right to a preliminary hearing, the Chicago Tribune reports. After he was ordered to stand trial, Patterson told his family in the court room, "I love you."

Patterson's parents were beside themselves last month after news broke that their son was arrested in connection to the case. His father, Patrick Patterson, was crying and burying his head into the shoulder of a relative during his son's first court appearance. A neighbor of his mother, Deborah Frey, told the New York Post that she is "totally distraught" over the allegations.

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