Roller Coaster Strands Riders Dangling for 20 Minutes

Tourists at a theme park in Taiwan were left terrified after the world’s only tilting rollercoaster malfunctioned.

The 20 passengers on the Gravity Max ride at LIHPAO Discovery Land in Taichung, west Taiwan, found themselves hanging face down instead of moving into the next part of the ride.

Dubbed the “cliffhanger”, the Gravity Max roller coaster is the only one of its kind in the world, The Sun reported.

It brings riders to the edge of a horizontal platform before tilting the entire train 90 degrees to line it up with an entirely separate set of tracks.

According to Asian media, the ride broke down at around 3.20pm on Wednesday, local time.

It’s estimated the 20 riders on board were hanging face down for up to half an hour before they were rescued via the 16-storey-high rollercoaster platform on foot.

The ride then reopened to the public at 4.10pm, after inspection by the engineers.


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