Mollie's Must-Haves: Beach Essentials For Your Jamaica Trip

These are essentials that you need for your Friday Flyaway trip to Beaches Resort & Spa in Negril, Jamaica.

Packing for any international trip is probably pretty daunting, but when you've already gotten used to wearing sweaters and snow boots, it's easy to forget the summer essentials that'll make you feel comfortable, confident, and protected when you're at the beach. 

These are just two must-haves for when you win your trip to Negril, Jamaica on Cities 97.1! (Listen for keywords Monday-Friday at 7:30am to complete the Friday Flyaway phrase...we will not be providing any repeats, so be sure to tune in each day!) 

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist SPF 100+ Sunscreen

Who knew sunscreen came in SPF 100??? I found this stuff at Target and knew I needed it to prevent my ghostly pale skin from burning. I blister when I get bad sunburns, so for this trip I opted for the most protection possible because I want to be comfortable and safe. I love this sunscreen because it sprays on and isn't a gross, gloppy mess that I have to lather on. Plus, it's easier to apply to my back and it goes on clear. They have lesser SPF levels in case maximum protection isn't your thing. 

A COMFORTABLE Swimsuit You Feel Confident In

I honestly hate the swimsuits at Target because they're cheap material and never fit my body right. So as soon as I heard I was going to Jamaica, I went to Everything But Water at Mall of America to find my suit. At first I was disappointed in the prices because yes, most suits are at least $100, or close to it. But my shopping experience and the way this suit fits me doesn't even compare to any other swimsuit shopping experience I've ever had. The staff at Everything But Water made me feel SO comfortable and made shopping for a swimsuit a pleasant experience. The suit I went with feels comfortable and it makes me feel like Demi Lovato. (Lol.) I got the Mesh Inset V-Neck Plunge One Piece Swimsuit by Kenneth Cole. You can order it online here or find it in stores. 

No matter what swimwear you choose, wear what makes you feel comfy, confident, and happy!

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