Mollie's Weekend in 5 Instagrams: Trip to Negril, Jamaica

I traveled to Jamaica to give you a sneak peek at what you could be doing very soon. Here is my weekend in five Instagrams.

I had to keep my location hush-hush all weekend long, which was super difficult! But I am at the Beaches resort in Negril, Jamaica. Listen to Cities 97.1 every weekday at 7:30 a.m. for a new keyword to build a phrase by Friday, when you have a chance to win a trip here with the complete phrase. 

Your trip will start with these incredible aerial views flying into Montego Bay...

Perhaps you'll make new friends at Jamwest Motorsports and Adventure Park, like Nemo the macaw! 

And maybe you'll push boundaries by jumping off towers and flying through the Jamaican forest with the ocean in sight! (Also at Jamwest.) Ziplining was such an adrenaline rush! 

Whenever you can...ask for a coconut. And're on a beach! 

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