Twin Cities' Most Brutal Temperatures Of The Season Hit Us Next Week

Next week's highs will be brutal and completely unbearable.

January weather in the Twin Cities has really given it to us for the last couple weeks, but it's about to get a whole lot worse. Forecasts are always changing, but as of tonight, this is what my phone says the highs and lows will be for next week (starting with Friday, January 25). 

Screenshot: The Weather Channel for iOS

We'll get hit with snow on Sunday and Monday, and both highs and lows will dip below zero as low as -22. Wind chill could make it feel even worse. 

Stay warm out there. Maybe add some booze to your hot chocolate to warm up? Otherwise, listen to Cities 97.1 on Monday morning at 7:30am to find out where we're's someplace warm, and you could head there, too. We'll give you those details then.   

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