Ben & Jerry's Reveals Three New Flavors with Entire Cookie Dough Center

Ben & Jerry's knows: The best thing about their ice creams are the generously-swirled-in toppings.

So the frozen treat giant decided to be even more generous with their latest release: three brand new flavors with cookie dough cores.

The brand announced today that the latest ice creams to hit shelves are Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Core, Sweet Like Sugar Cookie Dough Core and Wake & 'No Bake' Cookie Dough Core. 

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Core is made with cookie milk ice cream, fudge chips, and a chocolate chip cookie dough core 
  • Sweet Like Sugar Cookie Dough Core is sweet cream ice cream with shortbread cookies, cherry ice cream, and a sugar cookie dough core
  • Wake & 'No Bake' Cookie Dough Core is half vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cookies and half peanut butter ice cream with fudge chips with a 'no bake' core

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