Missing St. Bernard Survives Weeks In Arctic-Cold Minnesota Woods

A St. Bernard named Old Lady survived weeks in the frigid Minnesota temperatures after going missing.

According to Fox 9, 10-year-old rescue dog Old Lady was getting out of a car to go into her foster's home when noise of the crunching snow freaked her out. She ran down the driveway and went missing for two and a half weeks in Princeton, Minnesota. 

On Monday, a grandfather and his grandsons spotted her in the woods with her leash tangled up and caught on a branch. 

Though slow, malnourished, thirsty, and frostbitten, Old Lady is on the mend. Once she has fully recovered, she'll go home with one of the women who helped with Ruff Start Rescue (who was caring for Old Lady) who has experience with fearful St. Bernards just like Old Lady. 

Old Lady came to Ruff Start Rescue earlier this month "from a puppy mill in Wisconsin where she was used strictly for breeding with over 500 dogs on the property," Ruff Start Rescue founder and executive director Azure Davis told Fox 9. "Her drive, her fight or flight response kicked in and she was able to stay alive through those frigid temps." 

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