Dad's Play-By-Play Of Girl Escaping Son's Room After Sleepover Is Epic

@DropsNoPanties/Twitter via Bored Panda

This dad gave a whole play-by-play of his teenage son sneaking a girl out of the house after their "secret" sleepover, leaving everyone on the edge of their seats.

The suspense began when dad "Tricky-D" on Twitter realized his stepson had snuck a girl into their home overnight, questioning how in the world he was going to get the girl out of the house without anyone realizing she was there. 

Bored Panda shared screenshots of the series of tweets. 

"So, my stepson has a girl upstairs in his room that stayed the night and my wife doesn't know yet. I'm curious on how he plans to smuggle her out now that the whole family is awake...and now we wait," he began. 

"I hear definite moving around from his room right above me," he continued. "It's 10:39 and this poor girl hasn't had a chance to pee this morning." 

His wife was up and around the home in "full Saturday house cleaning mode," which could have either been bad for the teen, or provided the perfect opportunity for him to get the girl out. 

The girl's cute white shoes sat at the front entrance, on the opposite end of the house where the side door was. Was she going to abandon her shoes, or risk being seen to get them? 

The entire play-by-play is incredibly suspenseful and it's something parents can appreciate (and young adults will cringe knowing the pain these teens are going through). 

Tricky-D says at one point that his stepson is 18, by the way.  

Read the entire series of tweets here...who the girl is is a MAJOR truth bomb! 

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