Taxpayers Spent HOW MUCH to Move Chris Watts to Safety In Wisconsin?

Weld County Sheriff/Colorado Department of Corrections

Moving convicted murderer Chris Watts from Colorado to Wisconsin after "safety concerns" was not cheap for taxpayers.

According to Radar Online, taxpayers in Colorado spent $12,599.21 just to move Chris Watts to a facility in Wisconsin. In case you don't recall, he's the guy that pleaded guilty to killing his pregnant wife and their two young daughters last year. 

The Colorado Department of Corrections spent $7,061.25 in transport staff, $1,092 on per diem, $2,425 on hotels, and an extra $2,020.96 on mileage. Now, Wisconsin taxpayers will be responsible for Watts which, if he stays in our neighboring state, will be for the rest of his life. 

Watts was moved away from Colorado for "safety concerns."

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