Woman Credits Butt & Breast Surgeries For Recovery From Multiple Addictions

Klara Lima via Daily Mail

A woman recovering from anorexia and drug addiction credits her recovery to $1 million worth of cosmetic surgeries.

According to the Daily Mail, 28-year-old Klara Lima a.k.a. "Kitana Savage" once struggled with anorexia and cocaine addiction, but has now become the woman she's always wanted to be after undergoing $1 million worth of breast and butt cosmetic enhancements. 

The model and aspiring musician, originally from the Czech Republic, has had three Brazilian butt lifts and four breast augmentations. She says she'd do five grams of cocaine a day to "not be hungry" and smoke two packs of cigarettes a day. When she'd eat, it would be fast food and booze. 

Lima says her childhood was "like heaven and hell," living in luxury with wealthy parents but being bullied at school. As a teen, she developed bulimia, began doing drugs, and would be made fun of for gaining weight and looking "very ugly." Her parents died when she was just 17, and her life quickly spiraled out of control. 

Change came during an incident in Mexico where she seriously believed she was going to die, and she decided to make drastic life changes by getting her first plastic surgery procedure at age 21. 

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