Jayme Closs Suspect Called Himself an 'Honest Guy' On Resume

The suspect in the Jayme Closs case reportedly applied for a job the same day she escaped, calling himself an "honest guy."

According to reports, Jake Patterson applied for a job at Saratoga Liquor Co. in Superior, Wisconsin, on January 10. He was applying for a night position at the company's warehouse. 

Someone from the company said his "lack of required experience" would have gotten him turned down for the job anyway. 

On his resume, Patterson called himself "an honest and hardworking guy." He said, "Not much work experience but I show up to work and am a quick learner." That's interesting...because several reports have noted that he'd quit jobs after one or two days by just not showing up, including the cheese factory he was driving to the morning he first spotted Jayme getting on a school bus and then deciding she was the girl he was going to take. 

Through analysis, it was determined that the resume shows various inaccuracies. He states that he attended a Marine Corps boot camp in San Diego, California from April to December 2017, but he actually only served about five weeks in the fall of 2015. Reasoning for his early discharge was that the "character of his service was incongruent with Marine Corps' expectations and standards." 

He also said on the resume he attended Northwood High School in Minong, Wisconsin from 2012 to 2016, however, he actually graduated in 2015. 

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