People Are OUTRAGED Over What Netflix Is Doing To All Subscriptions

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People are not very happy at all with what Netflix is doing to all subscriptions moving forward, with many cancelling their subscription altogether.

Netflix announced on Tuesday that it is raising the monthly subscription cost for all subscribers in the United States across all plans from 13 to 18 percent, the Daily Mail reports. 

Standard plans, which cost $11 per month, will go up to $13 per month.

Some people are accusing Netflix of doing the increase to make create more "trash" original Netflix movies, while others say the change was made because the streaming service had to fork over $100 million to keep Friends on the platform. Many are even saying they'll cancel their Netflix subscription altogether and switch to Hulu. 

Do you agree with the price increase? Monthly, it's only $2 more, which isn't much. But do you think this is going too far? 

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