Experts Say "Fantasy, Obsession, Control" Drove Kidnapping of Jayme Closs

As the public scrambles for answers as to why Jake Patterson abducted Jayme Closs, experts weigh in on what they believe drove him to commit such heinous crimes.

According to ABC News, experts believe fantasy, obsession, and desire for control drove Patterson to kidnap Jayme and murder her parents, though Patterson's motivations have not yet been specified. 

Brad Garrett, former FBI agent and ABC News contributor says according to studies, "People who end up abducting kids or young adults start these obsessions or fantasies many times when they're in elementary school. And they don't have the tools to sort of deal with that. When they get older, the fantasies, obsessions and even the violence become much more explicit." 

He adds that a lot of these cases can be related to past abuse, though there have not been any reports that Patterson was abused. 

Garrett said studies suggest 70% of kidnappers were abused as children, physically or psychologically, which can establish a pattern of rage. To clarify, this doesn't mean all people who are abused will abuse others. That pattern of rage and violence is how control is maintained, especially in relationships. 

Patterson told investigators he knew "that she was the girl he was going to take" when he saw Jayme get on a school bus on his way to work one morning. Garrett said kidnappers like Patterson "are absolutely obsessed and driven with a fantasy to control and dominate a woman. And many times they target younger women...because they're easier to control." 

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