72 Year Old Grandmother Marries 19 Year Old After Meeting at Son's Funeral

A 72-year-old grandmother who married a 19-year-old after meeting him at her son's funeral has gushed about their relationship by insisting he is a 'wonderful lover'. 

Almeda Errell, from Maryville, Tennessee, fell in love with husband Gary Hardwick of two years despite their 53-year-old age gap. After just two weeks of dating, Gary had popped the question to Almeda in 2016. 

They first locked eyes from across the church while at Almeda's son's funeral, and even before speaking to him properly, she says she remembered thinking he was the one. 

He came over to offer condolences, and for the next few months, Almeda couldn't stop thinking about Gary, although the two didn't see one another for a while after the funeral. 

The couple met again at a Chuck E Cheese birthday party, where they bonded properly and their relationship began. They have been together since. 

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