VIDEO: Mollie Gets LASIK! Watch The Quick Procedure

I got LASIK done this week and it was so quick and easy. You can watch the whole thing, too! 

I had gone my whole life without wearing glasses up until two years ago, and it's been an emotional thing for me ever since then. Most people would tell me glasses made me "look cute," but honestly...I hated myself for it. 

I equate the feeling of being told I have to wear glasses to finding out for the first time that I have scoliosis: I felt like something was wrong with me. I know this is kind of a first world problem here, but I think most people can pick out at least one flaw that makes them feel really bad about themselves. Some of those flaws are easy to take care of, but others aren't...or you just don't realize how easy it is to take care of them, or you're frightened of your own change and success. 

I'd tried contact lenses a couple times so that I could feel better about my appearance, but it would literally take me at least 45 minutes to get just one lens in my eye! It was painful. I felt so embarrassed and honestly, I don't have that much time to "practice" putting lenses in. 

I had my LASIK procedure done at Joffe Medicenter in Minneapolis this week. It was incredibly easy...if I can't handle contact lenses but CAN handle a LASIK procedure(!!!), then I know anyone can do it! For real. 

You can watch the procedure below on Facebook. When the suction was on my eye, I saw black with rainbow sparkles. It's a weird feeling but it doesn't hurt at all. My eye felt irritated only for the next couple hours, but the irritation wore off after taking a nap. Overall, it's super pleasant! 

Also, I was super relaxed with Valium. This helped me sleep! 

My right eye was the problem eye. I could see before, but my right eye was working extra hard to see clearly. Now, my right eye is super relaxed and I don't feel exhausted without glasses after five minutes (or at all, all day). 

Thank you to Dr. Heuer and everyone at Joffe Medicenter for your professionalism and making this experience so much fun from start to finish! You are all so sweet and fun to work with! 

Taking a leap of faith can be scary, but this one is so worth it. Really, if you're considering LASIK, you should really look into it! See how easy it was?

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