Take A Guess: How Many Times Was Colton's Virginity Mentioned on Bachelor?

Reality show The Bachelor started up again last night with promises to viewers that there would be plenty of tears, romance, and that, of course, it would be the most dramatic season ever. 

Colton Underwood, 26, from Highlands Ranch, Colorado, was chosen to be this year's Bachelor for the ABC dating show. He previously was an NFL quarterback, but the fact that is most overplayed about him is his virginity. 

Fans were left annoyed by the premiere of the show on Monday night after Colton, the female contestants, and host Chris Harrison made multiple references to the man's virginity in the span of two hours. 

In the two hours of the show, Coltons Virginity was mentioned TWENTY SEVEN TIMES.  27 times.

If you do the math without commercials, that is ONCE EVERY FOUR MINUTES.

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