Roseville Robbery Suspect Busted With Cash in Envelope Marked "Robbery"

On Christmas Eve, Quincy Gerard Petty made the decision to rob the Roseville Dollar Tree.  Unfortunately, he made a few bad decisions:

1. He robbed it without wearing a mask

2. He covered his face AFTER one of the employees recognized him

3. He reached under his sweatshirt to imitate having a gun without actually having one

4. He asked them to open the safe and was only able to get $1,700

5.  When police apprehended him, he was wearing the exact same hat that the Dollar Tree employees described.

and the best of all:

6. In his pocket was an envelope marked "ROBBERY" that was filled with hundreds of dollars in $1 bills

Note to all future robbers:  When you rob someplace, don't mark the money as stolen and walk around with it in your pocket...

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