Remembering Walk Off The Earth's "Beard Guy" With His Top 5 Videos

I didn't talk about it much, but Mike Taylor, aka "Beard Guy" from Walk Off The Earth (I just called him Taylor), was a really good friend. Due to the circumstances of our lives, we didn't see each other often, but when we did, we made the most of it. 

I so valued our time and I'm devastated there won't be more of it.

Taylor passed away, in his sleep, over the weekend and I'm in shock. I just can't accept the fact that I'll never see his friendly face again. Besides being a ridiculously talented musician, he was beyond funny. His stoic nature lent itself to comedic timing that was second to none. Whenever Walk Off The Earth came to town, we always made time for a few hours of beverages and solving the world's problems, along with plenty of hockey and music talk. And, ahhhh, that beard. I'll never NOT be in awe. 

My heart aches, but mostly for his children, also his family and his family in Walk Off The Earth. I'm crushed, so I can't imagine how those who were really close to him are feeling. I wish them nothing but peace and love. 

So, as a tribute here are 5 great Walk Off The Earth videos with some AWESOME appearances by our beloved Beard Guy. His appearances really became that of the point where you were just waiting for him to pop'd wonder, where's Taylor coming from this time? How will he show up and make me chuckle or wow me, this time?

We'll miss you, buddy......thankfully we have your legacy all over the world wide web.

Thank you.

Have a pint for me, eh?

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