Woman Loses 150 Pounds While Working At McDonald's

Daily Mail

One woman is a weight loss inspiration 150 pounds later, even while working behind the counter at a fast food joint.

Mother-of-three Christina Rodriguez used to live off a diet of cheese, chips, and pies. But she completely turned her life around after getting the gastric band surgery, and has kept the weight off, even while working at McDonald's. 

Rodriguez says she struggled with dieting in the past, and was the stereotypical "yo-yo dieter." With the gastric band, she was forced to ditch her bad habits...because the band physically forces her to. 

"I can't even drink fizzy drinks because it does not agree with my stomach," she told the Daily Mail. "It takes me 45 minutes to eat my food just so I can actually chew it properly. 

She says she has one meal a day in the afternoon with a cup of tea in the morning. This sounds rather extreme, but...if that's all she can physically eat with the procedure, then more power to her. 

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