This Mom Blogger Is An Unsuspecting Weight Loss Inspiration

This celebrity mom blogger is a major weight loss inspiration, and who it is will totally shock you.

I think Jenna Jameson is the only porn star turned keto lifestyle and mommy blogger out there in the world, but I've been loving every minute of following her journey on Instagram for the last year. With 2019 in full swing, her post-baby body keto transformation will both stun and inspire you to get healthy in the new year. 

Jenna has COMPLETELY revamped her personal brand, and she's done a great job at it. She's cultivated a community of people looking to get started with keto, and many people turn to her for advice and keto tips. She even started another Instagram page dedicated to keto called ketocantlose. 

Jenna left the adult film industry years ago, and these days she looks happier than ever with her family. 

One more transformation pic, because this is EPIC! You go, girl. 

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