Pedialyte Cocktails: Why Didn't We Think Of This Sooner?

Getty Images/tbralnina

With Pedialyte and more alcohol both being known hangover "cures," why not mix the two together?

Okay, neither of these are actually hangover cures but this seems clever. Somehow I don't think this will prevent anyone from getting super drunk, but the Pedialyte will definitely replenish your electrolytes...while you're drinking. Why not go for it? 

There's actually a restaurant in Pennsylvania that started serving these for brunch last year. It's easy to take these and create our own, because I found out what's in them. 

According to Penn Live, a restaurant called The Pour House serves three different flavors. Want orange Pedialyte? Mix that with Three Olives orange-flavored vodka and fresh-squeezed orange juice for the "Weekend Krush." Purple Pedialyte your thing? Mix the grape flavor with Three Olives grape-flavored vodka and ginger ale for the "Transfusion Krush." For some tropical flavor, mix orange Pedialyte with Three Olives mango-flavored vodka and peach nectar for the "Tropical Krush." 

Would you try these Pedialyte cocktails? I'm not gonna lie, they sound amazing and I'd love to make a big ol' pitcher of it to share with my family. 

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