Woman Finds Gold Nugget In Washing Machine, Except It's Not A Gold Nugget

One woman from Western Australia recently came across an oddly shaped gold rock in her dryer filter that perplexed her so much she decided to ask a forum of ladies on Facebook about it.

'This was found in our dryer filter... The only thing I can think of is a $2 coin?!? Would a dryer do this to a metal coin? Is that even possible?' She wrote. 

'It weighs and feels exactly like a $2 coin that's why I'm convinced it is.'

Later, the woman even visited a jeweller who verified it is 'definitely' a $2 coin but the 'dryer didn't do the damage' - leaving her even more confused. 

There were many theories about what the mysterious substance could be - with plenty of people certain a coin couldn't actually melt like that.

'There is no way that that is a $2 coin lovely,' one helpful person said.

There are many theories about what the substance is, and the leading theory is gold foil from a chocolate coin.

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