Seven Things You Didn't Know About Mollie Kendrick

You know that I'm obsessed with my chihuahua, Jaq Jaq, and that I have cool glasses. But you probably didn't know these other things about me. 

1. I interned for WWE and sold a T-shirt to Seth Rollins.

That's right! When I was in college I did a student marketing internship to move ticket sales for WWE's NXT, which is filmed at the school I went to. At the same time, I worked for the gift shop, and just happened to be working the night of a show. This was early on obviously, because (if you follow WWE at all...I don't, by the way), you know that Seth Rollins is now a WWE Superstar and has been for quite a while. After the show that night, he walked up to the merch counter wearing just a shirt and tight gold briefs!      It was really difficult for me not to stare. Hahaha. 

2. I graduated salutatorian of my class (with several awards) and have a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Business (which I earned when I was 20).

I've always wanted to work in music and entertainment and found the perfect school that helped me fulfill that dream called Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida. It started out as a recording arts school but now has a program for practically, graphic design, gaming, music business, sports marketing, you name it. It's a year-round school, so I finished sooner...but I had also graduated from high school one year early, which helped me get on with my adult life even sooner. 

Mollie Kendrick

3. I used to sing and write songs.

This is something I don't really ever tell people about, ever, because I really loved singing but quit for a sad reason (story for another time). My biggest influences/role models growing up were Avril Lavigne and Lady Gaga. I have always been interested in the business side of music, too, which is why radio has been so appealing to me. I love getting to be an on air personality the most, though, because I grew up wanting to perform and have my voice be heard in some way. If I ever got back into music, it would 1) be just for fun, and 2) it'd be some random genre. A few I have in mind are country, hip hop (LOL.......I can't rap), or industrial. I aspired to do pop music, mind you. HA. Oh, and A Star Is Born was incredible for me to watch because it felt like I could live out my childhood dream. Love you, Gaga. 

Getty Images/Richard Coombs, EyeEm

4. I was once a competitive figure skater.

Both my sister and I started skating at a really young age (like 3 or 4, maybe). We stuck with it to the point of testing up levels. I don't even remember what level I got to, but it was several levels up and I was traveling to compete. I was also part of a synchronized skating team. Between solo and synchronized skating, I traveled all over Colorado (I'm from Fort Collins) and to other parts of the country including San Diego, Boston, Dallas, and Salt Lake City. I quit just before my 14th birthday because the sport is super political and I was over that BS. Lately I've been thinking of buying skates to get back into it, but as an ice dancer or something. Just for fun! 

Getty Images/w-ings

5. I almost didn't work in radio - instead, I could have worked for a coffee company in Seattle. 

No, not Starbucks. When I graduated college, I was going through the same phase most college graduates go through of not knowing what the hell to do with my life. I was really homesick and wanted to move back to Colorado to be with my family, so I decided I'd intern with my hometown radio station, an iHeartRadio sister station in Fort Collins. At the same time, I was also pursuing a job with a coffee company whose branding I really liked, and they're based in Seattle. They invited me to interview there, but by the time that opportunity came up, I had toured the radio station in Fort Collins and decided I wanted to see what happened with radio. Walking through that radio station was magical...I had never been to a station before, but it was really exciting to me. I loved the idea of interning for the station and personalities that I grew up listening to. I was very fortunate to learn from my idols at 96.1 KISS FM and the other air staff in that building. 

Fun fact: The photo below was used to try to get a job at iHeartMedia here in the Twin Cities...I didn't get hired until about three years later. 

6. I used to have platinum blonde hair. (And I looked like a completely different person.) 

I mean, I guess by now you've seen the other photos in this blog post (haha). But yea. I'm in the process of getting back platinum, but it's going to take a long time til I get there. 

Mollie Kendrick

7. You can also hear me on Cities 97.1's sister station, 101.3 KDWB! 

After I'm done with my show on Cities 97.1, I head down the hallway to KDWB midnight-6am. 

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