Couple Throws Harry Potter-Themed Wedding at Costco

The couple, who are both originally from San Diego, first met on dating website OkCupid three years ago before going on a date to a local Costco store.

Their Harry Potter-themed wedding was held on November 29, which was also the couple's third anniversary. 

According to Today Food, Margot messaged Julian on the website when she saw that he had listed going to Costco as a date idea on his profile. 

She told the publication: 'We have so much in common, but Costco is the first thing.'  

After hitting it off online, the pair decided to take things one step further and go on a date. 

The Costco-lovers decided to meet at their local superstore in San Diego's Mission Valley neighborhood, to which they both brought a shopping list.

Reading aloud his wedding vows, Julian said: 'I remember the way we meandered up and down the aisles and how I completely forgot to get most of the things I had on my list because I couldn’t take my eyes off of you.'

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