A Willy Wonka-Style Candy Experience is Coming to MOA

If you want to view paradise, you'll want to head to the Mall of America this March.

That's because the Bloomington megamall will become only the fourth location in the country to host the Instagram-baity pop-up known as "Candytopia."

This isn't your run-of-the-mill candy store, rather it's described by confectionary creator Jackie Sorkin as a "multi-sensory, candy-coated experiential adventure."

Landing at the MOA for a limited-time run in March, ticket-holders (which cost between $25-$35) will be able to nibble their way through a candy-filled 17,000-square foot attraction on Level 2 West.

The space will be filled with edible interactive art installations that Candytopia promises will be "inspired by cultural Twin Cities moments and landmarks, which has this writer fervently hoping for a Willy Wonka-style liquid chocolate Mississippi River.

There will be more than a dozen rooms to walk through, with guests able to sample sours and gummies, chocolates, "nostalgic favorites" and many more sweets during their visit.

Newsday reports that the Manhattan Candytopia meanwhile also included a giant marshmallow pit (yes, you can jump into it) as well as treasure chests filled with candy to sample in each section.

"Since the launch of our sugar-filled wonderland, we have sought locations in top retail destinations where our unique immersive adventure can thrive and attract new audiences,” says John Goodman (not that one), CEO of Candytopia. 

"We are thrilled to announce the expansion of Candytopia to Mall of America and look forward to sharing our sweet retreat with its 40 million annual visitors from near and far.”

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