Mother Fakes Daughters Death and Holds FUNERAL To Get Donations

A 21-year-old Illinois woman was shocked to learn that a memorial service had been held for her after her own mother faked her death in a scam to collect donation money. 

Brittany Johnson-Webster learned from her aunt that a celebration of her life was held at a funeral home three hours away in Ferguson, Missouri. 

'They had pictures of me blown up into posters that said rest in peace Brittany,' she told KSDK.

Her unnamed mother claimed that Brittany was killed in a car crash on October 27 and then accepted donations to fund her memorial service.

'Brittany finished her story on October 27, 2018. She was called to meet all the loving animal babies on the other side of the rainbow,' the obituary read. 

'I apologize for her actions. It's messed up, but she ended up scamming you guys out of some money, you know just trying to make you feel bad,' she said. 

'She claimed I died in a car accident and the next day someone had pulled out in front of me and I slammed on my brake and spun out three times, and all I could think was I'm going to die, my mom's speaking my death into existence,' Brittany said.    

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