Crazy Questions With Mat Kearney At #Cities971Sampler Release Party

Before you watch the video, let me explain the awkwardness in this interview real quick. 

I thought this was hilarious, and I love trying different things, but Mat Kearney thinks I'm a total weirdo because I tried to pull off being psychic. Keri put me up to this...but I TOTALLY went along for the ride. (Lol.) Before the interview, Keri told me a piece of information about Mat's grandmother being a mermaid back in the day, and told me I should pretend I'm psychic and totally blow Mat Kearney's mind with my "psychic" abilities. At one point she said "aquarium," like his grandmother was a mermaid in an aquarium, and that word stuck with me. It turns out that aquariums had nothing to do with it...I should have said "mermaid," and I probably could have saved face. His grandmother was a mermaid for a glass bottom boat company. 

Instead, it was super awkward but bless you Mat Kearney for answering my other crazy questions.   Hahahahaha OOPS. 

Watch the interview below!

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