Surprise Appearance Was My Fav Sampler Release Party Moment From Last Night

Now, don't get me wrong......last night's final Sampler Release Party was loaded with high points. 

Matt Nathanson was in.....his usual.....spectacular form. The kind of form that makes him special and, very much, a rarity. 

Mat Kearney was the steady force he always is. Plus had on the coolest hat in the house. 

Dean Lewis blew me away. Just everything about him is welcoming and compelling.

William Prince......what. a. voice. Holy smokes. His was the voice everyone was talking about.....I heard "I could listen to him all night" and "I could list to him sing names in a phone book" all night long. 

Tim Mahoney......what can I say about this man I call a friend......he's got a giant heart, a ton of passion and is as earnest a singer and songwriter as anyone in this town. It was cool to have him with us.

But the moment that stole the show for me.......was having one of my all time favs jump up on stage with Mr. Tim Mahoney and his guest vocal friend, Andra Suchy. When I was told it might happen, I thought there was no way, BUT IT DID! And it was glorious.

Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum showed up to knock out a stripped down, tender version of "Runaway Train". It was so great.

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