Toothpaste Astrology: What Your Hygiene Habit Says About You

Psychologists have determined what your method of squeezing toothpaste means about you. This is super weird, but also super accurate. 

Bright Side shared the findings here.

Categories are squeezing or rolling toothpaste from the back to the front, squeezing from the middle, squeezing from the top, keeping it intact, and squeezing the tube from anywhere. 

I equate squeezing the tube from anywhere to squirting ketchup all over a basket of french fries. Someone once told me that people who do that with french fries are serial killers. I personally do that to fries sometimes, but I don't think I carry the characteristics of a serial killer...and I'm definitely not one, either. Squeezing a toothpaste tube everywhere means you are prone to frequent mood swings, but also people who do this are very artistic and creative, are punctual and tidy, and are optimistic. 

I'm a mix of squeezing from the top and middle. I'll squeeze from the top until there's none left, even it out (I guess I keep it intact, too), and then squeeze from the middle. I have no idea what mixing these habits means, but each of those behaviors have a different meaning. 

How do you squeeze your toothpaste, and is Bright Side's toothpaste horoscope accurate? 

Photo: Getty Images/wundervisuals

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